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Who we are

The company MSM-EU FELICE, based south of Vienna, plans, sells, installs and maintains single machines as well as complete systems for the beverage industry.

From our beginnings in 2006, with the sale of equipment, components and spare parts, we now offer a comprehensive range of services that includes the design, installation and maintenance of equipment. Another area that we are continuously building on is dedicated to hygiene and disinfection of system surfaces

Thanks to our technical know-how and our networking with leading machine manufacturers, we offer the best manufacturer-independent Service.


What we do

Engineering & Consulting


NERKON Industrial washing machines

Installation & Service


We fulfil our client`s diverse Needs by providing a full range of Services including: Project development Services, feasibility studies,planning, Engineering and commissining, spare parts and after market Support, inspection and maintenance, wear part managemnet, inspection, as well as refurbishments and relocation assistance for all plants, Systems and Equipment.

  •  Production specification
  •  Plant engineering
  •  Equipment supply
  •  Installation &start up
  •  Improvement of existing plants

As an independent consultant, we can offer our clients very objective advice. Through our large network of partner companies, we can put together the most efficient team for each order. The consultation can be done for individual areas as well as for departments. Or project-related for an installation from the first draft through to start-up.

  •  Strategy
  •  Design
  •  Process
  •  Costs reduction


We supply a wide range of machines from european machine manufactures for PET and Glass bottle production.

Process euqipment - Process and storage tank
Rinser/Filler/Capper - Conveyors - Labellers - CIP units
Stretchblow molding machines - Molds - Packing machines


We offer mechanical installations as well as electrical installations for system operators and machine manufacturers. An experienced team assumes the following Tasks

System assembly & installation

• Machine & system assembly
• Pipeline construction
• Electrical installation
• Control cabinet construction

Retrofit & Service

• Maintenance work
• Modifications & service of machines & equipment
• Service planning & training

Project management on a supervisor basis

• Concept development & project scheduling
• Project management
• Supervision of installation
• Quality management
• Construction planning & project handling
• Schedule / cost planning & control

NERKON Industrial washing machines

Nerkon is a worldwide operating company. Nerkon provide solutions for food and non-food manufacturing companies in the areas of the cleaning of containers and the cleaning of parts using our industrial washing systems based on our production and supplier programme.

We as MSM-EU are proud to represent their products and Services for the Middle East and African countries.

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